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Q: Are all persons with the Kolodziejski (and Kolojeski) surname related?
A: No, the Kolodziejski name is a fairly common surname in Poland.  In the U.S., different lines of Kolodziejski's adopted the phonetic variation Kolojeski, so not even all Kolojeski's are related.  In the U.S., the original Kolodziejski surname is found much more often than the phonetic Kolojeski and other variations.

Q: Are all persons with the Kolodziejski surname of Polish descent?
A: No, although most Kolodziejski's are likely Polish.  There are some Kolodziejski's who are Jewish in origin.  Since the name has an occupational origin, some of those who adopted the name in Poland would not be expected to be Polish. 

Q: What is the origin of the Kolodziejski name?
A: Kolodziejski means "wheelwright" or maker of wheels.

Q: Why does the small L in Kolodziejski sometimes have a slash through it?
A: The original Polish spelling of the surname includes a slash through the "l" making it look almost like a t. This Polish L is pronounced similarly to the English w and is sometimes barely pronounced.  Not surprisingly, the Polish L was sometimes incorrectly translated as the similar looking t even though the small L is more correct and closer to the original pronunciation.

Q: Does this web site have information on non-related Kolodziejski family lines?
A: This site currently only has information on the Kolodziejski family line originating from Przeradowo near Pultusk and Makow Mazowiecki, north of Warsaw.  However, since research has turned up information on other Kolodziejski's, there are plans to add such information to a page at this site in the near future.

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